"Excellent practice: I was extremely grateful the osteopath agreed to see me at such short notice, especially as I’d been in a lot of pain overnight. The osteopath was polite, professional and had a keen attention to detail. Over all a superb service where client care is paramount. Highly recommended."
S.A.G. (Calne)

"I was very satisfied with my treatment yesterday and with the efficient booking procedure and reminders.The osteopath listened to my history and read through my documentation to get a better understanding of my condition/situation. The prospect of rehab and ways to improve my condition is the best news.I look forward to receiving my next appointment."
K.B. (Chippenham)

"I have to say that the Ashfield Osteopathic team are brilliant. Their commitment to getting to the nub of the issue as quickly as possible is pretty unique in my experience. They listen and made me feel valued and important to them and frankly that can be as critical to recovery as the treatment itself. I cannot recommend the team highly enough"
P.W. (Corsham)

"I was recommended to the practice having experienced leg pain and numbness for several months. During those months I was referred by the doctor to hospital for x-rays and other tests. Still the symptons continued. On my first consultation the osteopath seemed to know straightaway what was the problem. I had two further treatment sessions after which all the discomfort disappeared. I wish I had known about the Ashfield Practice earlier!"
A.S. (Bristol)

"I saw the osteopath because my hip and knee pain was preventing me from going on long walks - especially in the hills. The osteopath explained to me that my problem actually stemmed from an old ankle injury that had never fully recovered. After 4 sessions, I could not believe the difference, and I'm now enjoying walking regularly again."
C.S. (Chippenham)

"I visited the practice with a painful neck and excruciating pain in my left arm. The osteopath diagnosed a trapped nerve at the base of my neck. After three treatments I was back to normal and free of pain. I found the osteopath very professional and sympathetic in their approach to my problem. I would use the practice again if needed and would certainly recommend it to any one else."
S.W. (Chippenham)

"Having had numerous sporting injuries over the years I didn't seem to have any knock on effects from them until earlier this year. I am a freediver and was starting to get intense pain at the base of the skull when diving to any depth. I also seemed to be suffering increasingly so from headaches. Before my treatment from the osteopath, I had seen a physiotherapist, chiropracter and, having had an MRI, a neurologist. But no one was able to find/cure the problem. I was recommended to see a cranial osteopath by a fellow freediver and after a very short course of treatment I was able to dive again suffering no pain, my headaches decreased also and my head felt "lighter". I could really tell a huge difference and was extremely pleased to eventually find a solution to my problems."
K.A. (Calne)

"After walking for 18 years on an artificial leg, my back and neck were suffering from tension and being over-worked in places, which in turn caused pain and discomfort. I found the osteopath to be very professional and calming and after my initial osteopathy consultation I was already feeling happier and in much less discomfort."
C.C. (Bristol)