"I have to say that the Ashfield Osteopathic team are brilliant. Their commitment to getting to the nub of the issue as quickly as possible is pretty unique in my experience. They listen and made me feel valued and important to them and frankly that can be as critical to recovery as the treatment itself. I cannot recommend the team highly enough"
P.W. (Corsham)

"There are a lot of Osteopaths around, but ones like Stephen Hudson are very rare! His fast and accurate diagnosis enables him to start treating you straight away. He's only too happy to explain exactly what the problem is and what he's doing to treat it, which I find very reassuring. The results I've experienced under his treatment have often verged on the miraculous! Highly recommended; especially to us sports people who want to get back to racing!"
R.G. (Calne)

"I was recommended to Steve Hudson having experienced leg pain and numbness for several months. During those months I was referred by the doctor to hospital for x-rays and other tests. Still the symptons continued. On my first consultation with Steve he seemed to know straightaway what was the problem. I had two further treatment sessions after which all the discomfort disappeared. I wish I had known about the Ashfield Practice earlier!"
A.S. (Bristol)

"I saw the osteopath, Stephen Hudson, because my hip and knee pain was preventing me from going on long walks - especially in the hills. Stephen explained to me that my problem actually stemmed from an old ankle injury that had never fully recovered. After 4 sessions, I could not believe the difference, and I'm now enjoying walking regularly again."
C.S. (Chippenham)

"I visited Steve Hudson with a painful neck and excruciating pain in my left arm. He diagnosed a trapped nerve at the base of my neck. After three treatments I was back to normal and free of pain. I found Steve very professional and sympathetic in his approach to my problem. I would use him again if needed and would certainly recommend him to any one else."
S.W. (Chippenham)

"I have been consulting Steve Hudson as I suffer from cervical spondylosis and scoliosis. This is probably age related and causes much stiffness and pain. I am not prepared to go along the route of daily analgesia for this and find great relief from receiving Steve's osteopathy treatment.
I also suffer from attacks of paroxysmal flutter atrial fibrillation for which I have been prescribed Flecainide 100mg to be taken as necessary. No cause has been found for this arhythmia. The diagnosis was confirmed by a consultant cardiologist from seeing an ECG which was taken during an attack. I was having attacks every 1 or 2 weeks which were very distressing.
Steve suggested we try cranial osteopathy as part of my periodic treatments in an endeavour to address the causes. I still have occasional attacks, but they now occur many more weeks apart, sometimes as many as several months. I am very impressed with this treatment as I'm sure it has helped to minimise the attacks. There are no other factors which come to mind which could have any bearing on this."
V.T. (Bradford on Avon)

"I found my counsellor very reliable, patient and understanding. Throughout my sessions Susie listened attentively, offering suggestions to encourage independent thought and consideration of issues discussed. My counsellor had a very calm, professional and sensitive approach."

"With the counsellor's help I was able to move forward something I don't think I could've done without her help and guidance"

"I found it helpful to talk to someone without feeling guilty for being a burden. The counsellor helped me to look at why I felt certain ways and gave me someone to report back to each week."

"I have definately progressed a lot, the counselling gave me the focus and motivation and support I needed to make a change I had wanted to make for a long time"

"A very good listener. I found the counsellor easy to open up to."

"Attentive, considerate, respectful, excellent listening skills"

"The counsellor helped me to take more control of how I was feeling when I got angry and I was able to control my anger"

"I feel I have changed a lot - I feel stronger as a person, more able and willing to make decisions, more aware of myself and more accepting of myself."

"Having had numerous sporting injuries over the years I didn't seem to have any knock on effects from them until earlier this year. I am a freediver and was starting to get intense pain at the base of the skull when diving to any depth. I also seemed to be suffering increasingly so from headaches. Before my treatment from Stephen I had seen a physiotherapist, chiropracter and, having had an MRI, a neurologist. But no one was able to find/cure the problem. I was recommended to see a cranial osteopath by a fellow freediver and after a very short course of treatment I was able to dive again suffering no pain, my headaches decreased also and my head felt "lighter". I could really tell a huge difference and was extremely pleased to eventually find a solution to my problems."
K.A. (Calne)

"After walking for 18 years on an artificial leg, my back and neck were suffering from tension and being over-worked in places, which in turn caused pain and discomfort. I found Stephen very professional and calming and after my initial osteopathy consultation I was already feeling happier and in much less discomfort. I visit Stephen on a monthly basis and can confidently say these appointments keep me pain free and allow me to live a better quality of life."
C.C. (Bristol)